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Optimizing your clinical and financial output through quality improvements is what IOMED stands for, discover our tools and imaging-archiving (PACS) products that help you to achieve this aim.

The Jivex Medical Archive is an IHE compliant, HIS integrated, vendor-neutral viewing and archiving solution that brings all medical information needed for time-saving medical decision-making together in one viewer


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Go Digital

PACS systems have worldwide proven their value for clinics, as film costs drop and clinical efficiency increases


The JiveX enterprise PACS solutions offer unique features for both first-time limited PACS installations, as for full-scale hospital-network solutions.

Scalability combined with unique benefits make the product a true cost-effective choice. Contact us for a full product demonstration, which can be added with on-site trial installation.

Our Brands

IOMED has selected its partners based on the quality of their products and its adaptability to the local market conditions. The brands and products which IOMED represents lead to qualitative and cost-effective improvements, and make your clinic adaptive to future growth.

Veolity - the AI workstation for your lung screening program

How We Optimize

Increased output and optimized qualitative input contribute to your profit. IOMED's 15 years European experience in radiology and healthcare management can support you to achieve better results

  • 'Quick Scan'

    Assessing the quality and efficiency gaps of your department

  • Proces Improvement

    Map and improve your processes with Lean Six-Sigma tools

  • Technical Strategy

    Reduce cost trough realistic technical investments

  • Capacity Building

    Tailor made hands-on and online training programs for your medical and technical staff

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